Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm a Mormon

No, not me. I’m talking about all those people on the billboards. The ‘I’m a Mormon’ campaign. Created to show how Mormons are just like everyone else. How Mormons are perfectly diversified.  Here are some examples of what I’m talking about!

Mormons are disabled rock climbers, dudes with awesome white hair, pretty girls, fugly guys and so on, you can see the photos. Oh and that one made me think, “Am I a Mormon…. or am I a Muppet?” (ok that joke doesn’t really work if you don’t know the song from the new Muppet movie.
In case you are wondering what the actual statistics are (well 5 year old statistics) here’s a link to Wikipedia’s World Mormon stats.
Here are the top 10 countries that the omnipotent wiki says has the most Mormons:
1. USA – 6,144,582
2. Mexico – 1,197,573
3. Brazil – 1,102,674
4. Philippines – 631,885
5. Chile – 561,920
6. Peru – 480,816
7. Argentina - 380,669
8. Guatemala – 202,296
9. Ecuador – 190,498
10. UK – 186,082
With in the US the racial break down of the Mormon population is something like this (according to
White 86%
Black 3%
Hispanic 7%
Other 5%
-What the hell’s your point Brother Jack?
Well, my point is that those billboards are very racially diverse. When the truth is you’re more likely to develop colon cancer than you are to meet a black Mormon in the US.
My first thought was that the timing of the church’s billboard campaign and Romney’s politically campaign was a little peculiar. The LDS church has always taken a ‘we don’t endorse any candidate’ stance regarding politics and elections. However this seems like the church is at very least indirectly trying to persuade the US populous that it is ok to vote for Romney.
Of course the same reason’s the sign is good for Romney are the same reason’s it is good for the LDS church. If people don’t think Mormon’s are strange, if they identify themselves as something other than white they might be more likely to let those 2 conservatively dressed young men in their homes to hear their message.
Anyway, I’m rambling, so I’ll just say it appears the billboards are targeted towards young adults and minorities, and if you remember 4 years ago those 2 demographics are a big reason Obama won. Is the LDS church intentionally helping Romney gain a little bit of favor with those groups? I don’t know.


  1. This has been said before, so it's not my original thought, but whatever happened to "I am as different as can be"? Remember that Mormon song, "I'm A Mormon"? This song's entire message was 'I'm a Mormon and I am different and proud of it!' Now they are trying to make themselves appear to be normal and mainstream. Part of the Mormon identity is pride in the fact that you are different, you are elite, in the world but not of the world, a peculiar people, etc.

    And they never change...

    1. I am a Latter-day Saint and I am GRATEFUL, and not proud ! Pride is the opposite of FAITH... At the same time, I am a Democrat and not a Redcoat Rebloodlican !! I believe in free agency and I Trust in God... and the Republicans don't, because they trust in guns, and that is why, I am NOT a GOProud Redcoat Republican !!!

  2. In fact, that song is available online at It's the first song on the list. It is teaching children that being different is virtuous.

  3. To look at me I look "normal" whatever normal is but at the same time I am different.... I don't smoke, drink, do drugs, I am kind to people no matter who you are, I do my best each day to live gospel pricipals, when I make mistakes I do my best to correct them and not do them again, I don't walk around with my butt hanging out my skirt, I don't watch xxx rated movies.... there are many things about me that is different, but you wouldn't know it unlless you talked to me